Welcome to IoT network @ NOI

This guide will help you setting up a basic IoT application relying on the LoRaWAN network of the NOI Techpark. The following picture represents the network architecture.


Several gateways (GWs) are located inside the Hackathon area, which provide LoRaWAN connectivity to the NOI Techpark. The GWs are preset to pair with two different type of nodes: Pycom and Seeeduino. Still, the GWs are managed by a remote network server.

All the LoRa packets that are received from the GWs (uplinks) are directly forwarded into an InfluxDB database. The stored data can be retrieved by consuming the InfluxDB API. Moreover, you can exploit the LoRaServer API to send LoRa packets back to the nodes (downliks).

Now, let's try to build your own "copy, paste and fantasy" IoT application.

The three main steps to be carried out are:

  • choose and setup the development platform;
  • build and run your application on the LoRaWAN network;
  • check out the additional equipment available.


If you want to use a different LoRaWAN compliant sensor to build your own IoT application, please contact the Hackathon organizers for registering it on the LoRaServer.

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