Data fetching

On the LoRaWAN portal, the Get data tab tells you how to retreive the information packets that are being transmitted to the back-end server. Data are exposed to the final user through a standard RESTful API. In the grey box you can get to know how to build a simple REST API request.


If you click on the copy icon in the top-right corner of the box, all the lines of the API request will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Now, open a new window of your favourite browser and paste the content by using ctrl+v or right-click + paste.



Before to launch the SQL based query, the URL that just got pasted needs some edits.

You need to substitute the following parts of the URL:

  • db=db_USERNAME needs to be modified so that the string USERNAME gets replaced by the username you inserted during the registration to the LoRaWAN portal;

  • u=USERNAME, just like the previous part, needs to be modified so that USERNAME will contain the same username.

  • p=PASSWORD needs to be modified so that PASSWORD will contain the same password you used for the login to the LoRaWAN portal.

Once you modified all these things, you can hit the enter key and see the packets stored into the database.


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